Southern Living February Cocktail

on Thursday, 31 January 2013. Posted in Kemp's Blog

Just opened my February issue of Southern Living (which I love and started reading as a new bride in 1977) and saw their recipe for The Corduroy Jacket.  It calls for 1 fresh orange slice, 1 brown sugar cube, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, 1/4 cup cognac, 6 Tbsp chilled sparkling apple cider, 1 strip orange peel and a fresh thyme sprig. This intrigued me because we have a great sparkling apple cider, Black Twig which is produced by Great Shoals Winery in Maryland with apples grown Bridgeville, DE. To make the cocktail:

Muddle orange slice, brown sugar cube and Angostura bitters in a cocktail shaker to release flavors.

Fill shaker with ice cubes and add cognac; cover with lid and shake vigorously until thoroughly chilled.  Strain into a stemmed 10 oz glass.

Top with sparkling apple cider.  Garnish with orange peel and thyme sprig.  What a pretty and refeshing drink.

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